What to do if your iPhone won’t connect to a Windows PC

If your iPhone doesn’t want to connect to your Windows PC, these 5 steps will help you fix it.

Despite the fact that the iPhone is one of the phones with the least problems on the market thanks to the stellar support that Apple offers, it is still not exempt from presenting the odd little problem of a strange nature. Previously we told you how to fix the connection problems error on your iPhone, as well as how to fix some annoying iOS 15 problems. Today, however, We will tell you how to solve connection problems between your iPhone and a PC with Windows.

These connection problems between iPhone and Windows could prevent you from transferring files between your devices or your mobile from charging correctly. Nevertheless, If it is any of the errors that we are going to expose you here today, they have a quick solution.

1. Restart both devices

How to restart iPhone

Yes, it is a somewhat generic answer, but you cannot imagine the amount of errors that can be solved just by restarting your device. This is even more important in Windows, whose laptop system sometimes has a system that prevents the computer from shutting down completely every time you order it; this is to gain speed when turning it back on.

However, with the option Restart many temporary files that may be causing conflict will go away, and some drivers will be able to restart together with the computer and, with a bit of luck, recover their normal behavior.

Disconnect your iPhone, reboot both devices and reconnect once it has fully powered up your computer. Test if this has solved the connection problems between your iPhone and Windows.

2. Select Apple Services to activate automatically

MacBook home screen

This is probably The biggest reason why iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices go offline with Windows computers. To solve the problems that Apple services may be causing, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows + R and writes “services.msc“in the window and tap Enter.
  2. Search Apple Mobile Device Service Enter the list of Windows services. If it is on the list, it means that Apple services are running on your PC.
  3. Touch twice on the name of the service.
  4. The window of Properties (edit), and you will have to go to the tab general.
  5. In Start type select Automatic.
  6. Touch okay and restart your computer.

3.Deactivate the VPN on your iPhone

VPN on iPhone

If you have any VPN application installed and running on your iPhone, this it could be preventing your device from connecting properly to your PC with Windows. For this, disable the VPN and reconnect your iPhone to your PC. If you want to be completely sure, you can uninstall your VPN app and reinstall it after checking if this has fixed your problem.

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4.Update your iPhone drivers

iPhone connected to PC

This is another of the most common causes why your iPhone may stop working on Windows. The positive is that to solve it you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter to Device administrator Windows.
  2. Open section USB connector managers.
  3. Right click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
  4. Wait for what Windows update your driver, or on the contrary update it using a file you already have.
  5. Once it has been updated only restart your pc and reconnect your iPhone.

5. Reinstall iTunes

iTunes iPhone

One of the easiest solutions to troubleshoot connection problems between iPhone and Windows computers is to reinstall iTunes. If you have connection problems, update your iPhone if you have the possibility and reinstall iTunes using a new version downloaded from Apple’s website. We also tell you how to fix iTunes error 4013 when updating iPhone.

If everything has gone well, one of these solutions must have helped you regain connectivity between your iPhone and your computer. If the problems persist, we will be bringing new solutions in the future, so do not despair that everything has a solution in the world of technology.

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