What to do if the sound from the iPhone speaker does not work

If you have audio problems on your iPhone, keep calm and follow these tips to find the possible solution.

A matter of a few weeks ago I had some problems with Audio with the speaker and the microphone of my iPhone XR and was quite concerned about the matter. If that is also your case, regardless of your iPhone model, you should know that it is not an irrational concern since Apple mobile phones have a very high price and it is a real nuisance that they have any type of problem.

Be that as it may, after several attempts, I managed to fix the audio problem without having to go through a microphone and / or speaker repair on the iPhone. And it was a relief! The point is that the microphone was improperly recording my audio messages, with a very low volume and the sound was heard with excess noise.

Most important of all, when I detected this problem, my iPhone had not suffered any bumps or serious problems. It was very casual. So I think my experience could help you sort out the ruling in the event that the sound from the speakers of your iPhone is not working properly, since in most cases it is wear or accumulation of dust. Relax, everything in this life has a solution. Let’s get started!

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How To Fix Sound Problems On Your iPhone Speakers


Speakers from a previous generation iPhone model.

Before starting, I will tell you how I could solve my audio problem on the iPhone in case it helps you or so that you know more or less where to go in a similar situation. I tried various tricks that I knew after so many years using Apple cell phones.

First I tried with the bristles of a toothbrush, then with the classic ear bud, cleaning the USB Lightning port – which by the way had accumulated an immense amount of dust – and finally using VERY CAUTION a toothpick to clean the ears. speaker and microphone holes on the bottom of iPhone. Nothing worked. It did not work.

So lastly, as a final measure, I opted for a slightly more drastic method. Since my mobile phone has water resistance, I put the iPhone XR in a pitcher of warm water and waited a couple of minutes, just I lightly shook it a couple of times into the water for more effect. I took it out of the water, dried it carefully with a cloth, carefully cleaned the holes again and left it to dry on a blanket (without covering the holes) for about 10 minutes.

The speaker audio problem was fixed … and the microphone too! Sure, at first the sound was a bit distorted due to the water, but after 10 minutes it dried up and everything was back to normal. If this little one doesn’t work for you tip, there are other alternatives that can help you.

1. Check the switch to mute the sound


Side switch to mute the audio.

It might seem like a severe bullshit, but even today after so many years I still have the same problem thinking that the sound does not work and that the problem is simply that the side switch to mute the audio is activated. And it is that many sound problems can lead us to think that it is a matter of hardware, when in many cases it is a matter of software.

If your iPhone has recently lost sound, the first thing to check is that the side switch is off. Personally, I recommend activating and deactivating it several times, since there are times when the software is bugea and it remains silent even if it is deactivated.

If the color of the switch is orange it means that the sound of your iPhone is deactivated. If the switch is closer to the device screen the audio will be active.

2. Restart your iPhone

The next step to check if your iPhone has sound disabled is to restart your iPhone. But before doing so, I also recommend you access Settings> Sound and vibrations to check that everything is properly.

Then press and hold the lock and volume buttons to restart or turn off your phone to turn it on again. Sometimes software bugs are easily fixed this way.

3. Disable Bluetooth connectivity

Another possible process that may be interrupting the sound is Bluetooth. If it is activated, it could mean that one of the peripheral devices with which you listen to the audio could continue to reproduce the sound.

Deactivate Bluetooth connectivity from the Control Center or from Settings> Bluetooth.

4. Clean the speaker holes

The biggest cause of bite-apple logo signature mobile phone sound problems is the build-up of dust and dirt inside the audio output ports.

The best thing to do to clean such a sensitive surface is a soft bristle brush, with patience and great care. You can also use a cloth and a clip, as you will see in the video that we have attached. Alternatively, you can also use a little rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. In this way it is very likely that you will be able to clean all the dust and dirt from the speaker (or microphone) and the sound will return to normal.

Where are your iPhone speakers?

An important note, the speakers of Apple smartphones are always usually at the bottom of the device, on both sides of the USB Lightning port. But the sound can also come from the top, in the speaker slot for calls.

Check out this schematic from Apple to check the position of your iPhone’s speakers:


Orientative diagram of the speakers and microphones of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

You can check the sound of the stereo speaker in the upper area through a phone call and the stereo speakers in the lower part with a video from your photo albums, a song or simply an audio from WhatsApp.

On the other hand, to know if the problem resides in the primary microphone or in the secondary microphone, you can try recording audio through a video with the front camera and recording audio through a video from the rear camera. Video from the front FaceTime camera uses the top microphone while video from the rear camera uses the bottom microphone.

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In the event that, unfortunately, none of the previously mentioned methods have failed to solve your audio problem, don’t give up hope just yet. Remember that you should also update the software to the latest version of your operating system, restore all the settings of your iPhone or finally take your terminal to the Apple repair program.

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