This extraordinary concept of iOS 16 brings everything we want to the iPhone

This concept of iOS 16 brings us very interesting ideas about the next iPhone operating system.

We’ve only been on the market for a few months with iOS 15, and there are still plenty of Apple-promised features that haven’t arrived yet. For the release of iOS 16 there is still almost a year leftHowever, there is not so much left to see the first details of the new system, which will be presented in June 2022.

Kevin Kal, known as Hacker34, has designed concepts for many years and now brings us one new from iOS 16 with many cool features. The best thing is that he has created a video to show us first-hand the improvements that he thinks could come in iOS 16. This is not a leak or safe news, it is just a concept with some possibilities.

8 novelties of iOS 16 that shows this concept

East cool iOS 16 concept shows us some interesting news, in addition to having widgets of other smaller sizes, we have many improvements that Apple could take note of. This is all that appears in this concept of iOS 16, and what we think:

  • Always-on display. A recurring rumor is already available on the Apple Watch, however it does not seem to be something that Apple wants to implement.
  • Lock screen button customization. Something very interesting, for years we have the flashlight and camera icon, and being able to change them for other actions would be great.
  • Multitasking update, with floating windows. An interesting way to use various apps that I think may make sense, after all, Apple does something similar with the PiP.
  • Possibility of using two apps at the same time. With screens as large as the iPhone Max, it would be an excellent option, one that almost no one would probably use.
  • Control Center Renovation With Smart Button Batteries. The Control Center deserves a redesign, and this idea is very interesting, the buttons would change depending on the time of day.
  • Interactive widgets with which to control actions. Somewhat basic, current widgets are great, but they are missing features.
  • Cryptocurrencies in the Wallet app. Apple is studying cryptocurrencies, but I doubt it dares to take such a big step.
  • Icon packs in Settings. You can now change the icons of the apps from Shortcuts, although this option would be easier. I highly doubt that Apple will ever implement it.
4 things Apple should improve on iOS 16

Without a doubt this concept shows cool ideas Apple could implement in iOS 16. We do not know anything about Apple’s new system, although we hope that after a fairly decaffeinated iOS 15, iOS 16 will introduce important improvements.

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