The youtuber of the ‘HomePod bomb’ returns for Christmas to “attack” the thieves

The “Glitter Bomb” disguised as HomePod is back, the coolest prank ever invented against friends of others.

Mark Rober has done it again, created the version 4.0 of your “Glitter Bomb” disguised as HomePod to catch package thieves. It is becoming a Christmas classic, which began in 2018 and has been refined every year.

Mark Rober is an engineer who started with this ‘joke-bomb’ when they stole a package that the postman had left on the porch of his house. To teach these thieves and crooks a lesson, he devised a gadget that he places inside the case of a device and that when opened spreads colored dust, glitter, terrible smells and a really annoying audible alarm.

Someone stole a package from me. The police wouldn’t do anything about it, so I’ve spent the last 6 months engineering a little justice. Revenge is a dish that is served very cold.

The “Glitter Bomb” returns once again

The invention has, in addition to everything we have told you, with 4 mobiles that record and send the video and sound to Mark so that he can later view and share the images. In addition, thanks to the mobile GPS you can later locate your invention, since thieves often throw it away when they discover it.

Usually, hide the gadget in a HomePod box, since it is a device that many could steal, and it is also large enough to place the “Glitter Bomb”. We leave you with the video below.

As you can see in the video, version 4.0 of the pump includes several new featuresLike a box that jumps open at any time or a glitter bomb that has several phases. Without a doubt, the images recorded and shared in the video are great, and hopefully they can help prevent this type of theft.

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