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Health and fitness are the top priority for everyone. So what happens when your love of books meets the fitness fanatic in you? Magic happens! The joy is unmatched when you snuggle into a blanket in the corner of your bed with one of your favorite books in hand. The book that was written exactly the way you want to teach you the ways to stay fit and healthy by eating a good diet. What could be better than someone to tell you how to do exactly the right things?

Find below popular health and fitness books that can help you keep your diet in check and your weight in limits.

Mark Bittman’s VB6 Cookbook

This edition is special because it contains recipes for over 350 healthy and delicious vegan meals. The VB6 diet plan is one of the best sellers and helps you stay vegan until six in the afternoon. Follow part-time veganism, which is a smarter way to control weight and become food-friendly. The regimen is easy to adopt and can last a lifetime. The challenging breakfast meal itself is filled with dairy-free smoothies, hot cereals, brunch-worthy entrees, and toast. The lunches comprise sandwiches, grains, beans, hearty soups and pastas, and the snack recipes are perfect for picking up in the afternoon to avoid vending machine cravings. If you don’t want your vegan meals to seem boring or you don’t want to give up on your favorite food, this book can help you see your food from a new perspective.

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

It’s a recipe by recipe and a step-by-step guide to help people transform their lives in just one month. Do it to lose weight effortlessly, simply by improving the quality of your sleep, boosting your mood, increasing energy levels and your self-esteem. Take a few basic steps and you’ll be close to breaking unhealthy habits, regulating digestion, reducing cravings, and strengthening your immune system. It also includes real-life success stories, an extensive list of frequently asked questions, and community resources for taking a journey to food freedom.

How Not To Die: Discover Scientifically Proven Foods To Prevent And Reverse Disease By Michael Greger

It provides the innovative diet-related scientific facts that can prevent and reverse the causes of disease-related deaths. The author examines the top 15 reasons for premature death spanning heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and more. Describes how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can help us avoid medical and surgical approaches to lead healthier lives. Did you know that hibiscus tea works better than hypertensive medications to combat high blood pressure? Drinking coffee can prevent liver disease and breast can be avoided by consuming soy. The writer makes a checklist of 12 foods that are eaten every day to avoid deadly diseases.

Always hungry? Conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells and lose weight permanently by David Ludwig

In this book, the author is ready with his tips to lose and control weight without starving. Eating a lot of fat slows down the body’s metabolism rate. Believing in the philosophy of ‘eat less, work more’, the program given here focuses on the causes behind weight gain while prescribing a diet that lowers the body’s insulin levels. This causes fat cells to release excess calories back into the body and hunger eventually subsides, speeding up metabolism and reducing weight.

Become a Fat Burning Machine: The 12 Week Diet by Mike Berland

This is among the best-selling health and fitness books. Follow a doctor-approved eating and exercise procedure to transform it from a fat storage device into a fat-burning machine. The epic shatters the myths that prevent you from achieving fitness goals, thereby changing the way you see yourself.

Visit the nearest bookstore to buy them to read. Otherwise, go to any online bookstore and add them all to your wish list for an easier purchase.

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