How to have the COVID certificate on the Apple Watch

With this tutorial you will have your COVID Certificate ready to be scanned on your Apple Watch.

The COVID certificate is one of the most important documents we can have today, especially if we plan to travel between countries or if we live in countries where you need to prove to be vaccinated to enter different types of establishments. Of course, if you already have your vaccine, you don’t have to carry the piece of paper everywhere, you can order it from your iPhone and have it ready for when you need it. Furthermore, you can also configure Siri Shortcuts to display your COVID passport from your iPhone.

If you want to make it even easier, today we are going to show you how to show the COVID certificate from your Apple Watch. That’s right, you won’t even need to take out your iPhone to prove that you are one of the millions of vaccinated citizens in the country. Follow these steps and in a couple of minutes you will already have your COVID certificate ready to show on your Apple Watch.

How to have our COVID certificate on the Apple Watch with Wallet

COVID Wallet iPhone Certificate

You can save your COVID Certificate in the Wallet app of your iPhone

Wallet is one of the most useful iOS apps if you know how to use it. You can store from credit cards, debit cards, plane tickets, concert and movie tickets and, as you may have guessed, your COVID certificate. The best thing is that the application automatically syncs data between iPhone and Apple Watch, so if you have followed the steps in this post and you have your COVID certificate on your iPhone, You just have to open Wallet on your Apple Watch to be able to access it quickly.

However, if for any reason you cannot save the COVID certificate in the Wallet application, We will leave you a second method that will be just as effective when you need to show it in an establishment.

How to have the COVID certificate on the Apple Watch using Photos

COVID QR certificate Apple Watch photos

How to have your COVID Certificate on your Apple Watch

For this second method we will use the Photos application of our iPhone. The process is pretty straightforward, and It will help you if you have the COVID certificate saved digitally, in PDF format or on paper. In any of the three cases we will have to bring the COVID certificate to our Photo Library, so follow these steps.

In case of having the COVID certificate in digital or PDF format, you will only have to take a screenshot of the document so that it is saved in your library. In case of having it on paper, you will have to take a sharp and clear photo, and you can do this by scanning the document from your iPhone using the Notes app.

Once you have the image in your photo gallery, just crop the image until only the QR code is visible. Mind you, make sure you leave a white space around the code or the corners of the Apple Watch will eat it up and you won’t be able to scan it successfully. Once you have it ready and trimmed, do the following.

  1. Mark the image as favorite on your iPhone.
  2. Enter the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Go to section Photos.
  4. Here, activate the options’Sync photos‘ Y ‘Mirror iPhone‘.

Ready. Now you can enter the Photos application of your Apple Watch and in the Favorites section you can find your COVID certificate perfectly trimmed and ready to be scanned by the staff in charge. Of course, be sure to keep this section of the Photos app clean so you can easily find your COVID passport code.

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