How Event Software Can Benefit Your Delegates

Event management software can be a fantastic tool for event planners, helping them manage more successful and efficient events. But there are other benefits, besides saving time and costs; delegates will often directly benefit from attending events that are managed through event software.

Website integration: Event management software allows you to advertise and promote your event on your own website. With 8 out of 10 people researching events online, it is vital that potential delegates can find the information they need on the websites. When the solution is integrated into the corporate website, it means that the information about the event can be promoted with the same ‘look and feel’ and in the same domain, providing a sense of trust to the delegate.

Online registration: Once the prospective delegate has found an event on the internet, giving them the ability to register online is a huge benefit. People are more and more used to being able to do activities and transactions online and letting them register there and then it is not only convenient for the delegates but it will also increase the registration fees.

Allowing delegates to register online also reduces errors regarding delegate details – things like name, address, and contact information are more likely to be entered correctly if the delegate provides them himself. This reduces problems later in the future.

Pay on line: As the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) stated in July 2010: “E-commerce is having a huge impact on the way we do business. It can generate dramatic growth in trade, increase markets, improve efficiency and effectiveness and can transform business processes. ” Therefore, the benefits of accepting payments online are clear, both for event organizers and delegates. For delegates, paying online is a quick and easy way to secure their spot at the event. The events software offers a facility that allows delegates to choose their preferred payment method using a variety of leading online payment engines, such as’ Worldpay, Protix, Google Pay, Paypal, etc., through a secure website. . The use of event software will also provide a level of confidence to delegates, as it will not record or retain any confidential payment data.

For the event manager, accepting payments online reduces paperwork and helps improve cash flow. Eliminate late payments and reduce administration, since invoices and other documents do not need to be created or submitted manually. After making the online payment, the software can automatically update the financial system and issue a receipt for the delegate.

Improved communication: The event software will come with various communication methods that event planners can use to contact delegates. At the time of registration, delegates can select the method by which they would prefer to be contacted; email, postal mail, telephone, SMS, social networks, etc. Good quality event management software solutions will come with fully integrated communication tools to allow the use of a variety of options:

  • Email – Built-in email tools mean that event managers can send targeted emails to specific groups of delegates. These email tools allow event managers to divide delegates into groups based on various criteria to make communication as focused as possible. Comprehensive reporting tools ensure that you can track email opens, clicks, and overall success rate
  • SMS – Planners can use their event management software to text delegates easily and efficiently. If this is the communication method chosen by the delegates, this can be easily managed and tracked through the software.
  • Social networks: the event software can be integrated with a large number of social networks. Managing your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account from a central platform makes it easy to communicate with delegates, keeping them instantly up to date on all event news and updates.

Less mistakes: Managing an event with event software makes errors much less likely during the day. The event software will include a ‘Resource Module’ or something similar that will help you track all the elements of an event, from vendors, delegate numbers, badge printing, presenters and more. Many of the previously manual and time-consuming items can be automated through software, activities such as printing delegate badges. While this is a small part of an event, if a delegate arrives and an ID card is not printed, it can cause problems for both the delegate and you. Having an event that runs smoothly will increase delegate satisfaction and result in a better level of feedback and repeat attendance.

Supply Management: Most events will work with vendors at some point, be it on-site, catering, transportation, or materials production. It is important that vendors are strictly managed and that communication between delegates, event managers, and the vendor is seamless. For example, during the registration process, delegates can indicate if they have any dietary requirements. With the event software, caterers can have their own login, giving them direct access to all delegate numbers and all their dietary requirements. Removing the event manager from this stage does not free up the event manager to focus on more productive tasks, but it also reduces the risk of mistakes as communication travels down the line.

Access to data: The event software can be hosted online, which means you can get access to all event-related information anytime, anywhere (internet access required). On the day of the event, if there are any incidents or problems, you can easily solve them, since they can access all the data related to the event.

Investing in event management software is an effective way to run successful and professional events, where both you and your delegates can benefit from improved communication and an enhanced event experience.

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