The best software tester in the world?

Attention to details If you ask ten testers to test something on each test, you will typically see a mixed number of defects found. This will continue to be the case if all testers had exactly the same testing experience and knowledge. This is often due to how focused the evaluator is when looking at … Read more

Best maintenance management software

The process of running any business, whether it is supplying products or providing services, is not an easy task. Most industries have to go through various processes, such as raw material procurement, processing, production, sale, and maintenance. All these processes must be in coordination with each other to cement the success of a company. The … Read more

How Event Software Can Benefit Your Delegates

Event management software can be a fantastic tool for event planners, helping them manage more successful and efficient events. But there are other benefits, besides saving time and costs; delegates will often directly benefit from attending events that are managed through event software. Website integration: Event management software allows you to advertise and promote your … Read more

Software development trends in 2018

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Why Software Managed Access Points Are Better For Cooperative Wi-Fi

With the Internet becoming an almost inevitable necessity in today’s workplace, Wi-Fi has become equally essential considering the increasing use of wireless devices. Be it mobile phone, laptop or phone’s IP cameras and IP telephony systems, a stable wireless network is important to ensure a stable Internet connection for a better working experience. With these … Read more