The health benefits of the game of cricket

Cricket is a popular bat and ball sport that is similar in many ways to American baseball. Batters attempt to hit a ball that has been thrown to score runs. The teams are made up of eleven players, each of whom has specific responsibilities. The game of cricket offers a lot of competitive fun and … Read more

2014 Ton series cricket bats produced by SS

Sareen Sports, better known as SS, is one of the renowned cricket maker brands from India. Over the years, SS has produced some of the best bats, such as the SS Gladiator, SS Limited Edition, SS Ton Matrix, which are used by many international cricketers such as Kumar Sangakkara, Shikhar Dhawan, and Kieren Pollard. SS … Read more

Cricket Strategy: Soft Tip Darts

A good cricket strategy can mean the difference between winning and losing, even if you are a good shooter. It is important to understand what to jump at and why in different situations. A well thought out strategy will increase your chances of winning, especially if your opponent’s strategy is weaker. Reading this article will … Read more

Cricket: from tests to T20I

Looking back at the game of cricket, it is well established in more than 30 countries in the world. However, only 11 countries reproduce all three formats (Test, ODI and T20I) at the highest level. Let’s delve into the evolution of this gentlemen’s game, from its roots to the present day. The game of cricket … Read more

Cricket – George Headley – A Thank You

Some of those who pride themselves on their cricket knowledge and cricketers probably know less about George Headley than they should. From the beginning of his career, Headley was known in his native Jamaica as the Black Bradman. Born on May 30, 1909, he played for Jamaica at the age of 18 and in his … Read more