1992 Cricket World Cup – Facts and Figures

With Martin Crowe (NZ) being named Man of the Series for the first time in cricket world cup history, the 1992 edition, also known as the Benson & Hedges cup, was nothing less than twists and turns that took 9 teams. participates in the tournament for the first time since its inception in 1975. Australia-New … Read more

How cricket has paralyzed other sports in India

For the past several decades, India has witnessed numerous modes of mass entertainment that come and go like waves, but one element in particular among them has refused to disappear, however, be it the financial, political or social circumstances of the nation. Cricket has evolved in India from a sport or simple pastime popular to … Read more

Cricket history

Cricket is a sport of unknown origin that is played in an open-air stadium between two teams of eleven players each, using a bat and a ball that is slightly smaller than the ball in the game of baseball. The rules governing this game were drawn up in London, Great Britain, by the Marylebone Cricket … Read more

ICC Cricket World Cup 2031

Cricket’s media-driven popularity has taken it to new territory. From Afghanistan to China, countries that knew nothing of the appeal of cricket twenty years ago have become members of the ACC and the ICC. Cricket has gone global as ICC membership has doubled in ten years. The potential number of people exposed to cricket in … Read more

A brief introduction to cricket

Cricket is a modern sport that is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. The game is played on an oval or round-shaped field that has a 22-yard-long rectangular field in the center. A team hits to score as many runs as possible. The other team stops the flow of the race by … Read more

Cricket Terms and Expressions – Overview

Cricket is quite a strange sport, something even the cricket fan would admit. Therefore, it is not surprising that cricket has many peculiar and even picturesque expressions. For example, you can have a ‘leggie’ googly play a night watchman with an offside field in place. The batter plays a forward defensive throw and makes a … Read more

How To Bowling With The Perfect Cricket Wicket.

Do you want to improve your bowling game? Don’t worry, there are some techniques and steps you can take to improve your bowling figures. First of all, before you start bowling, it’s always a good idea to make sure you warm up. These are your general muscle warm-ups to make sure you don’t pull or … Read more

Cricket Victory: Wise Defeat

My dear friends, you are well aware that the Indian cricketers have created yet another story when they defeated the Kangaroos in their own homeland and on the ground of their own choosing on March 4, 2008. We extend our warmest congratulations and We extend many congratulations to Mahender Singh Dhoni team. The bat face … Read more