Vybpro is a wrist worn device which vibrates when the user is about to touch their face, removing one of the key transmission pathways for the COVID 19

VybPro The

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The World Health Organisation informs us that touching the face with the hands is one method by which COVID 19 is transmitted: Their advice for preventing infection is: “Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth…


Anyone who is required to occupy public and social spaces will benefit from VybPro. It is not always possible to keep the hands clean at every moment when out and about. Dr Bharat Pankhania, Senior Clinical Lecturer university of Exeter Medical School, advises us to assume that every surface is contaminated all of the time…

VybPro How it works

Vybpro is worn on both wrists and is about the size of a health tracker or small watch. Patent Pending position and movement sensing technology combined with clever algorithms alert the user to the movement of the hand close to the face. The Device is programmed to discount movements that do not predict the hand is about to touch the face.